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Roof Lanterns Bridgend

If you are looking for a way to flood your Bridgend home with the maximum amount of natural light possible, then installing our roof lanterns is a great way to achieve this. Our customers have installed our roof lanterns in their conservatories, orangeries and extensions, all of which feel noticeably larger once they have been fitted. The way that these roof lanterns have been designed means that they look amazing in the age and style of the property.

The slim sightlines and large expanses of glazing allow the maximum amount of sunlight to fill your Bridgend home as well as affording the owners unobstructed views. The designs of these home improvement products span a wide range of styles, including flat roof skylights, so no matter whether your home is traditional, modern, contemporary or period we will have the ideal roof lantern to complement your home. We offer a customisation programme that allows you to make these roof lanterns a true reflection of your own personal vision. With your input, the roof lantern that we install in your home will be the design you want as well as giving a host of performance-boosting practical benefits.

One of the main benefits that our roof lanterns will offer your home is increased thermal efficiency, which means your house will remain at a comfortable temperature throughout the year, no matter how cold or warm it is outside. Security is another feature that will be enhanced by having fitted one of these outstandingly beautiful roof lanterns. They really are the ideal combination of form and function.

Features & Benefits


Thanks to our expert team of installers and the design of our roof lanterns, you are guaranteed that yours will be a reflection of your own style as well as fitting perfectly. When installed in your Bridgend home, your property will benefit from an enhanced aesthetic.

Thermal Efficiency

The combination of our high-standard double glazing and the design of our roof lanterns means that your Bridgend home will benefit from increased thermal insulation. These products trap warm air in the cooler months and aid with ventilation in the warmer months.

Enhanced Security

Our roof lanterns make your Bridgend home a safer place to live, as they are inherently strong thanks to the quality of the materials used to make them. They can withstand hard knocks, however, it is not just intruders that they keep out, it is the bad weather as well as they are entirely weatherproof.

Easy To Look After

With the quality of the materials used on our roof lanterns, you get a home improvement product that will never rot, crack or discolour over time. This is really important and useful and these products are normally installed in hard to get to places, so the lack of maintenance is very handy.

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Innovative Roof Lantern Design

When you come to Glass House for your roof lanterns, you will be rewarded with a market-leading product that is made from top-quality materials. This means that our home will benefit from enhanced performance levels and aesthetics in equal measure. The appearance of our roof lanterns is stunning, they look amazing from both inside and outside.

The thermal efficiency of your home will be drastically improved, as our roof lanterns are great at insulating your Bridged property. They achieve this due to their ability to trap pockets of warm air, which means you can turn down the heating in your home and still keep it at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. This reduction in heating translates into lower energy bills and therefore a reduced carbon footprint, with our roof lanterns you can be proud that you have made a sustainable choice.

The materials that we use are highly durable, which means that you can be certain that your roof lantern will continue to perform brilliantly for many years to come. Investing in one of our roof lanterns is a decision that will reap benefits for many years to come. Your home’s appearance will be enhanced as will its performance levels.

The kerbside appeal of your home will be enhanced when you install our roof lanterns as your home will appear lighter, airier and even larger. Wherever you install these home improvement products, be it your orangery, conservatory or extension, you will notice the improvements they offers both practically and aesthetically.

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Roof Lantern Prices

Visit our online quoting engine today to get a free, instant and cost effective roof lantern quote. This system follows a step by step process, which means you’ll get a roof lantern price that has been tailored to your specifications.

You can also get in touch with us via our online contact form to speak to a member of our team directly. We’ll be on hand to talk you through any of our roof lantern prices, skylights or other items in our range that you may be interested in. We always aim to offer a professional, reliable and friendly service.

We want you to enjoy the process of your home improvement project and strive for client satisfaction every time. We are happy to provide advice, information and recommendations where necessary to make sure you select the appropriate product for your Bridgend home.


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