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Timber French Casement Windows

A Traditional, Continental Home Improvement Solution
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French Casement Windows

French casement windows comprise of a unique design and aesthetic that allows them to bring a striking, practical and beautiful addition to any home. They are the perfect solution for enhancing your property with a crisp, clean European flair.

Inherent to the French casement window design is the ‘flying mullion’, which means that no permanent fixtures are required when the window is fully open. This means you’ll be able to enjoy an increased degree of ventilation and views throughout.

All of our French casement windows are manufactured utilising the contemporary, innovative manufacturing process from Timber Windows UK. This means that they achieve the beautiful wooden aesthetic without suffering from any of the problems that accompany and outdated design.

Features & Benefits

Flying Mullion

The innovative flying mullion feature of our timber French casement windows not only increase the views, spaciousness and brightness of any room in which they are installed, it also allows them to operate as effective fire escapes in all habitable areas of your home.

Highly Secure

We install high security, locking systems, which feature engage bolts that are installed into multiple points to guarantee a consistent degree of security is achieved across the whole window frame. These locks are integrated in an inherently secure timber frame for complete peace of mind.

Thermally Efficient

All of our French casement windows are fitted with high performance glazing, allowing them to achieve a degree of thermal efficiency that is almost as twice as effective as standard glazing designs. This is then enhanced with low conductivity spacer bars for a warmer home.

Low Maintenance

Unlike traditional timber designs, our French casement windows pre-glazed and pre-painted before they leave the factory which allows them to achieve complete protection from moisture absorption. You won’t have to repaint, varnish or repair our timber windows,, giving peace of mind.

Modern Timber French Casement Windows

Traditional timber has been known to warp and twist when it gets wet, which is the result of the window to contract in the direction of the grain. This can prove to not only be unsightly, it can also compromise the appearance and performance of your new windows. All of our French casement windows feature an innovative design to counteract this problem.

The timber French casement window design that we offer utilises an engineered, multi-layered build. Each layer is placed so the inherent grain is opposite to the grain on the layer above and below it, allowing any moisture absorption to be evened out so warping is avoided. This also means that your windows are sure to maintain their structural integrity over many years.

To ensure high quality is both achieved and maintained, all of our French casement windows are hand finished and undergo meticulous quality checks across the quality control process. This includes every aspect of the window, from the frame to the glazing, so you won’t have to worry about an inferior product being installed into your home.

Our French casement windows are manufactured to market-leading standards, which means they achieve a contemporary degree of thermal efficiency, appearance, security, weatherproofing, durability and functionality. We are proud to offer a window design that specialises in securing you a warmer and more comfortable home throughout the year, no matter the weather.

Not only do our French casement windows offer unrivalled standards of thermal efficiency and security, they also feature innovative additions that allow them to offer exceptional weatherproofing. This includes coloured silicone seals that work to prevent water ingress whilst still maintaining window aesthetic and ventilation channels that prevent the glass from misting up.

To ensure peace of mind across the board, all of our French casement windows are manufactured using Forest Stewardship Council [C124 392] – FSC certified redwood. This material is sourced from sustainably managed plantations in Northern Europe, which means that any tree that is felled is replaced with a newly planted seed. Enjoy premium products, the eco-friendly way.


4 Window Styles

Our high quality wooden French casement windows are available in ‘Deco’, ‘Cottage’, ‘Flush’ and ‘Lipped’ styles.


These windows are guaranteed against fungal & insect (30yrs), sealed units (10 yrs), hardware (10 yrs), workmanship (10 yrs), paint (8 yrs) and stain (5yrs).

Hand Finished

Colour and quality is assured via a professional hand finishing process, which means all quality aspects of our windows remain consistent.
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Rebated Glazing Beads

To eliminate any unsightly gaps between the frame and the bead, we install rebated glazing beads. This conceals the joint for a beautiful finish.

Glazing Styles

Bring an impressive flair to your windows with our wide choice of glazing styles, standing as the perfect way to bring a modern or traditional flair to your home.

Modern Ironmongery

Our contemporary ironmongery options allow you to effortlessly capture the traditional look of traditional wooden windows with modern benefits.
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timber windows cardiff swansea


Timber Windows
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Timber French Casement Window Prices

To get a free, instant and competitive French casement window quote, simply visit our online quoting engine today. This system revolves around an easy to follow step by step process which will result in a window price that has been specifically tailored to your requirements.

If you have any questions regarding our French casement windows, prices, installations, other products or any of our other services, get in contact with a member of our team via our online contact form. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our expert, professional installation team have a wealth of experience in delivering an unrivalled home improvement service. We always work to a prompt and efficient manner, allowing you enjoy your new addition sooner. Call us on 029 2023 3133.

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