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Timber Tilt and Turn Windows

Practicality, Multi-Functionality and Tradition
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Tilt & Turn Windows

Timber Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows have proven themselves to be a fantastic addition to any home, comprising of a multi-functional design that allows them to offer enhanced standards of practicality and versatility. You’ll be able to bring a timeless look to your home that offers more.

These windows feature an innovative dual hinge design that enables the window sash to tilt on a 90° angle, increasing ventilation without releasing the locking mechanism. Our tilt and turn windows allow you to increase home comfort without a reduction in your peace of mind.

To ensure exceptional standards of quality are achieved across the whole window design, we utilise the market-leading timber tilt and turn window design from Timber Windows UK. This means you’ll be able to enjoy an unrivalled attention to traditional detail, brought into the modern age.

Features & Benefits

Tilt Function

The signature tilt function of our tilt and turn windows brings a range of benefits to enjoy. Not only does it help to maintain home comfort and security, it also offers a degree of easy cleaning that is perfect, practical option for high rise properties or hard to reacheckch upstairs windows.

High Security

Premium standard timber is used to ensure the window frame offers an impressive degree of foundational security. We then expertly install high security, multi-point ‘perimeter’ locking systems and key locking handles to maintain outstanding performance throughout.

Thermal Efficiency

Our tilt and turn windows combine enhanced thermally efficient glazing, which operates to a standard that is almost twice as effective as ordinary glazing. When this is combined with the low conductivity spacer bars, the heat retention performance of your home is improved.

Low Maintenance

All tilt and turn windows we offer are pre-glazed and pre-painted before they leave the factory, allowing you to enjoy a new addition to your home that offers an extensive lifespan. We also use high quality colours that promise to maintain their fullness for a minimum of 8 years.

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An Update on the Classic Design

Our timber tilt and turn windows have been updated to operate in line with the demands of the modern homeowner, bypassing any out of date or obsolete factors that may be associated with a traditional wooden window build. This means you’ll be able to enjoy the comfort of a home that remains safe and warm throughout the year.

Our tilt and turn windows from Timber UK utilise an innovative multi-layered, engineered design that serves as a contemporary solution for counteracting the warping factors that usually plague traditional wooden windows and doors. It’s never been easier to invest in a home improvement appearance that operates to modern standards.

Timber warping is caused by the expansion of the wood as it gets wet, causing it to twist in the direction of the grain. Our tilt and turn windows comprise of a mutli-layered design, allowing the grain of wood to sit in opposing directions. You’ll be able to enjoy a consistent aesthetic for many years to come, with our cutting edge tilt and turn windows design.

To achieve impressive standards of thermal efficiency, security, durability, aesthetic and functionality, we only offer the very best. Our tilt and turn windows combine a range of market-leading techniques, premium materials and high performance hardware to excel in all areas of double glazed window appearance and design.

We install coloured silicone seals into all of our windows, which means they will effectively protect you from the elements whilst still maintaining a beautiful, consistent finish. These seals work to prevent water ingress, which can be detrimental to both home comfort and window health. We also install high performance ventilation channels to prevent your windows from misting up.

Consisting of a meticulous attention to detail, our tilt and turn windows comprise of a range of innovative, subtle features. This includes high performance glazing that offers a light transmittance of up to 77% and a rebated glazing bead to ensure colour does not crack at the point where the bead meets the frame. You’ll be able to enjoy a brighter home the stylish way.


Hand Finished

Rigorous quality control checks are carried out across all of our wooden tilt and turn windows, ensuring standards are consistent.

Glazed Rebate Beads

These windows utilise rebated glazing beads to eliminate unsightly gaps between the frame and the bead, securing a beautiful finish.

Internal Beading

Security-conscious internal beading prevents any would-be intruders from removing the glazing from the outside.
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Factory Applied Coating

To ensure window longevity and performance, they are finished with a factory applied micro-porous coating for maximum protection.

Optical Clarity

Premium grade glazing is fitted into our wooden tilt and turn windows to ensure you enjoy clear views and natural light allowance.

Glazing Styles

Find your perfect glazing design from our comprehensive range, allowing you to bring a new addition to your home that seamlessly complements.
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Timber Windows
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Timber Tilt and Turn Windows Prices

Our online quoting engine is a quick, simple and easy way to get a competitive tilt and turn window price that has been tailored to your exact specifications. Simply follow the step by step process to an instant price to suit you.

You can also get in touch with a member of our friendly team should you have any questions regarding our tilt and turn windows, prices, installations, other products or any other services that we offer. We’ll be more than happy to help you. Call us today on 029 2023 3133.

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