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Timber Front Doors

Our front doors allow you to effortlessly bring the beautiful charm of a timber door to your home, without missing out on all the benefits of contemporary design. We understand that it is important for your front door to excel in appearance and performance, which is why we only offer you the very best designs currently on the market.

The doors that we offer can be expertly tailored to suit any property, made possible by an extensive selection of colours, glazing styles, hardware options and opening configurations. We make it easy for you to enjoy premium standards in a way that suits you, blending seamlessly into your property to make a house a home.

We utilise the market-leading Timber Windows UK design across all our front doors, which uses premium materials and innovative manufacturing techniques to offer a standard of door that completely outclasses the traditional timber door design. Our doors have been brought in line with the demands of the modern homeowner.

Features & Benefits

Robust Build

All of our doors are manufactured from premium grade timber to uphold an outstanding level of structural integrity. This inherent robustness and rigidity means that you’ll be able to enjoy a market-leading standard of quality that is set to last the test of time.

Thermally Efficient

We utilise modern techniques and intelligent designs to offer a standard of front door that achieves and outstanding level of thermal efficiency. This means that the heat retention of your property will increase, allowing you to enjoy a home that gets warmer and stays warmer.

Highly Secure

We utilise premium grade timber throughout the manufacturing process of our front doors to ensure they uphold and impressive degree of inherent security. We then expertly install high performance locking mechanisms for complete peace of mind.

Low Maintenance

Unlike their traditional counterparts, our high performance timber front doors have been built to notably minimise the amount of maintenance needed in order for them to uphold their appearance and performance over many years, even after extensive use.

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Market-Leading Timber Front Door Design

Our front doors are intelligently designed to bring harmony between traditional charm and modern innovation. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy unrivalled standards of thermal efficiency, security, durability, performance and functionality without having to worry about any outdated or obsolete manufacturing techniques.

The doors that we offer also intelligently bypass the warping, twisting and sticking that has become associated with timber home improvements over the years. This is achieved via a high performance, engineered and multi-layered design that works to even out moisture absorption, preventing the door from expanding or contracting via the direction of the grain.

We also ensure high quality is guaranteed through a meticulous, stringent and extensive testing and quality check process. All of our front doors are hand finished, and every aspect of the construction and glazing is checked and re-checked. You’ll be able to enjoy the peace of mind that can only be achieved with a premium product.

We install high performance glazing and low conductivity spacer bars into all of our front doors, allowing them to achieve outstanding thermal efficiency. This means that the heat retention potential of your property will be notably increased, which will enable your home to get warmer and stay warmer for a longer period of time across the year. This means you’ll be able to stay warm throughout the colder winter months.

We also install neat, coloured silicone seals and intelligently designed ventilation chambers to remove the possibility of draughts and water ingress, whilst simultaneously preventing your glazing from misting up. The coloured aspect of our silicone seals means we can match the colour of your door effortlessly, allowing you to enjoy a completely seamless finish and a more comfortable home.

The timber we use in our front doors is Forest Stewardship Council [C124392] – FSC approved Redwood, sourced from sustainably managed plantations in Northern Europe. This means that every time a tree is felled, a new seed is put in its place. You’ll be able to enjoy a market-leading product, rest assured that you are improving your home in a way that is not detrimental to the environment.


Smooth Operation Hinges

All of our entrance doors are fitted with robust and smooth operating hinges that enable you to open and close your door easily.

Modern Ironmongery

To perfectly capture the traditional look, our entrance doors are fitted with modern ironmongery that echoes a period charm.

Hand Finished

A hand finishing process ensures any colour you choose is applied evenly and to the highest standard, ensuring a consistent finish.
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Dual Colours

Decorate the interior and exterior of your door simultaneously, allowing you to perfectly complement both the interior and exterior of your home.

Door Furniture

Handles, hinges, letter boxes and knockers are just some of the options available across our entrance door range.

Glazing Styles

Bring a beautiful addition to your door with a choice from our comprehensive range of glazing styles, allowing you bring a traditional or modern flair.
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Timber Front Doors Prices

Visit our online quoting engine today to get a free, competitive quote. This system is built around a simple step by step process which will allow you to get an instant price that has been tailored to the exact specifications that you put in. We strive to make things as cost effective as possible for you, allowing you to enjoy more for less.

If you have any questions about our front doors, prices, products or services, simply get in touch with us via our online contact form to speak to a member of our team. We’ll be on hand to answer your question in a prompt, professional and efficient manner, taking you one step closer to your ideal home improvement solution.

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