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A Subtle Addition for Maximum Quality
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Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are a subtle home improvement solution, offering a beautifully understated aesthetic whilst allowing natural light to flood into your home. High performance by design, all of our flat roofs are the result of market-leading manufacturing techniques, which means they stand as a stylish way to secure a warmer and more comfortable home.

All of our flat roof options are incredibly versatile in their installation, which means you are sure to find the perfect one of your home in a quick and simple way. Our team of installation experts will work with you to guarantee your new roof both fits and the size that you have and perfectly complements your home aesthetic.

Consisting of a large glazing area and a slim, sleek profile for reduced sightlines, our flat roofs specialise in bring a modern flair. This roof design brings an impressive harmony between function and form to offer an impressive degree of thermal efficiency, security, durability, performance and appearance throughout.

Features & Benefits

Made to Measure

Our high performance flat roofs are available in a comprehensive range of sizes and styles. You won’t have to worry about ill-fitted flat roofs compromising the appearance and comfort of your home, guaranteeing satisfaction across the board.

Thermally Efficient

All of our flat roofs are manufactured to modern standards, which means they achieve a contemporary degree of heat retention. You’ll be able to enjoy a home that gets warmer and stays warmer for a longer period of time for a more comfortable home.

High Security

Premium grade materials are used across our flat roof designs to ensure they uphold outstanding structural integrity throughout. This is then combined with high security locking systems to ensure peace of mind is secured throughout

Low Maintenance

Enhancing practicality across the board, our flat roofs require minimal input to ensure they maintain their beautiful appearance. Our roofs won’t rot, rust, warp or stick over the years, offering quality that is set to last substantial time..

High Performance Flat Roof Designs

Due to innovative manufacturing techniques, all of our flat roofs are able to achieve an impressive level of thermal efficiency. This means that the heat from your central heating will remain in your home for a longer period of time, allowing you to enjoy a home that gets warmer and stays warmer throughout the colder winter months.

This also means that you’ll rely less on your central heating to keep your home warm, which will in turn allow you to reduce your heating costs throughout the year. This factor is expertly combined with high quality weather seals which work to eliminate draughts and water ingress to ensure home comfort is guaranteed across the board.

All of our flat roofs feature a reinforced design, which combines an inherently rigid and robust profile with high performance multi-point locking mechanisms, which are integrated into the frame to eliminate leverage points. To ensure security is kept consistent across the whole roof design, we also install toughened glazing.

All of our flat roofs can be expertly tailored to perfectly suit your home, which means we can accommodate for all property styles. It doesn’t matter if your home is modern, traditional, heritage, period or new build, we’ll have the flat roof to suit. All styles of flat roof that we offer achieve the market-leading standards that we pride ourselves on.

We also offer a wide range of glazing styles and colour choices across our roof range, which means you can perfectly complement the appearance of your home. Whether you’re looking for a roof that stands out or blends in, our colour range can accommodate. All colours that we offer are applied with a highly durable coating that protects them from scratches, fading or flaking.

You’ll also be able to tailor the opening configuration of your flat roofs, with electric or manual opening options available. This degree of enhanced practicality means you’ll be adding a new addition to your home that offers market-leading functionality in an easy and reliable way. We can also install our flat roofs with a kerb detail for an outstanding finish.


Understated Aesthetic

Offering a subtle, contemporary home improvement solution, our flat roofs will prove to be a beautiful addition to any home.

Bespoke Fit

Our team of experts will work with you to ensure your flat roof perfectly fits the space that you have, maintaining quality throughout.

Glazing Options

We offer a range of glazing options to enable you to tailor your flat roof to function in the way you want, all of which bring an individual flair.
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flat roofs cardiff swansea

Versatile Installation

We can professionally install all of our high quality flat roofs into a wide range of property styles and sizes so you won’t have to miss out.

Premium Materials

Impressive performance and an extensive lifespan is guaranteed with the materials used in the manufacturing process.

Personal Touch

Bring a personal touch to your home with our range of customisation options available across our flat roof range.
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sky flat roofs cardiff swansea

Flat Roofs Prices

Visit our online quoting engine today for a highly competitive flat roof price. Our easy to use step by step process allows you to get a price that has been tailored to your exact specifications, which means you’ll be able to enjoy premium home improvement solutions in a cost-effective way. Enjoy instant and competitive prices, today.

You can also get in touch with us via our online contact form should you have any questions about our flat roofs. A member of our friendly and professional team will be on hand to speak to you about any questions or queries you may have about our flat roofs, products, prices or any other professional services that we offer.

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