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Looking to improve the natural lighting in your house? Popular, trendy and aesthetically pleasing, lantern roofs are architectural elements allowing natural light to flood into a property. This innovative improvement can make a tasteful addition to any conservatory or orangery for example, to give a room a more spacious and airy feel.

At Glasshouse LTD, our lantern roofs maximise solar gain through using large glass panels and slim sightlines. Our wide range of roof styles ensures this feature can be incorporated into any home, whether it be a new-build or period property.

We have something for everyone.

Features & Benefits

Bespoke Fit

Our expert team will work with you to ensure that your roof lantern is the perfect fit for your property meaning that it will perform to the highest of standards as well as create an aesthetically pleasing focal point to your Cardiff property.

Thermally Efficient

Combining a thermally efficient profile with high performance glazing, all of our roof lanterns are able to offer an outstanding degree of thermal efficiency. They trap warm air in the cooler months and aid with ventilation in the warmer months.

High Security

Inherently robust and intelligently designed with security in mind, all of our roofs offer outstanding structural integrity. This means that they can withstand any form of intrusion and adverse weather conditions too. You’ll be safe in the knowledge your home is protected.

Low Maintenance

As roof lanterns are often installed in places that are difficult to reach, it is important that they are low maintenance. Our roof lanterns won’t warp, rot, crack or discolour over time so that you can enjoy a durable quality product that lasts.

Roof Lanterns

Market-Leading Roof Lanterns

To boost natural light in a property, many people will install windows, glass doors and roof lanterns. A roof lantern may be the best installation for this purpose, as they receive much more natural light being on a horizontal plane compared to a vertical one.

The large surface area of the glass panels used also enhances solar saturation of the room below. This in turn improves the temperature regulation and reduces the need for heating in winter, as natural sunlight will heat up the room in the day.

Research has also demonstrated the great benefits of natural light compared to artificial light – it has been seen to improve general health, quality of sleep and mood. At the same time, natural light is free and environmentally friendly, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

It should also be noted that adding large windows and doors to improve lighting can come at a price. Most people will experience a light versus privacy trade-off, whereby the more windows and doors added, the more exposed your property is to nosy eyes. With a roof lantern, maximum light input can still be achieved, ensuring privacy at all times. Curtains and blinds are also unnecessary, saving money and improving the aesthetic of the room.

As much as anything else, roof lanterns are impressive. Are you bored of your property? Or wanting to modernise an aspect of your home? A roof lantern is architecturally interesting and can form a focal point for your property, both inside and out.

Roof lanterns can also add value to your home, by improving the aesthetic of your property, and giving rooms a more spacious feel.


aluminium Roof Lanterns

Aluminium Lantern Roofs: Benefits

We take a bespoke approach to providing roof lanterns – we appreciate that each project should be personal and individual. We will listen to what you want and ensure our product fits your property perfectly. Whilst we guarantee that your roof is visually what you want, we will also ensure it is of the best quality possible.

As well as offering a range of lantern roof styles, we offer differing glazing styles. This includes tinted, coloured, solar, toughened and self-cleaning glass. We really do have something for everyone.

Out lantern roofs are also thermally efficient – it is a cheap and environmentally friendly way of regulating the temperature of your property. At the same time, it is robust and sturdy structure, to protect against extreme weather and risk of intrusion. This ensures the exceptional lifespan of our lantern roofs.

Unlike windows and doors, lantern roofs tend to be harder to access. Because of this, we ensure they are low maintenance. All lantern roofs have a highly durable and reliable coating to prevent scratching, rust, discolour or rust in spite of the weather.

This coating ensures all roof lanterns maintain their quality and charm over time.

Roof Lantern Prices

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