How Beneficial Is Double Glazing

Published Monday, October 9th, 2023
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How Beneficial Is Double Glazing

Our windows and doors are double glazed as standard, helping to improve the looks and performance of any home.

If your current installations are double glazed, this could be hugely impacting the way your home performs. Single glazing will not retain heat and draughts could be compromising your comfort and boosting your energy bills.


What is double glazing?

Double glazing features two layers of glass with a space between them. The two glass sheets are separated by a spacer bar to form an air gap filled with an insulating gas like Xenon, Krypton, or Argon.

The key benefit of double glazed windows and door is their enhanced levels of insulation but they can also help enhance the security, weatherproofing and acoustic insulation of your home.


What are the benefits of double glazing?

Double glazed windows and doors have a host of aesthetic and functional benefits. As glazing experts, we know the many advantages of installing double glazed windows and doors in a range of properties.



One of the key benefits of double glazing is their market leading levels of insulation. With the cost of living on the rise, these double glazed windows and doors can help improve the thermal performance of your home.

The additional pane of glass will act like a thermal barrier, keeping heat inside in winter and the cold outside in winter. In summer, double glazing will also keep the stuffiness outside and the coolness from fans inside.



Noise Reduction

The two panes of glazing in our double glazing will help you enjoy a more peaceful home. Whether you have noisy neighbours, live in a built up or have a busy road passing by, double glazing can help you maintain a peaceful home.

A more acoustically efficient home will also be more peaceful. You will be able to play music in your home without worrying about disturbing your neighbours.


Enhanced Security

Double glazing will act as a protective shell which will be harder to compromise than single glazing alternatives. A double glazed window is sealed tightly and is much tougher to break than other windows.

Our double glazed windows and doors are internally beaded, which means the glazing can’t be removed externally. The panes of double glazed are paired with sturdy framework and multi-point locking systems.

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Kerb Appeal

Our double glazed windows and doors can help improve the look of a home. Our profiles are all made to measure, ensuring that your double glazing seamlessly complements your existing architecture and personal preferences.

If you live in a heritage home or traditional property, we can help you update the performance of your home without compromising on the looks. Insulate your home as well as boost the kerb appeal!


Help Reduce Your Energy Bills

As double glazed windows and doors work to keep more heat in, which will likely lower your reliance on your central heating. Your space will be able to better retain heat without relying on central heating systems. This could lead to lower energy bill and a more ecofriendly home.


Minimise Condensation

Condensation is a common issue with single glazing windows. Condensation is caused as water vapour in the air builds up on surfaces that are at lower temperatures. A build up of condensation can result in droplets forming on the glass, and form damp and mould. This won’t just affect the look of your property but may also cause health issues.

Double glazed windows and doors can reduce condensation due to the airtight seal between the panes. This prevents condensation from building up, minimising mould. Condensation can also make a room feel cold as well as affect the look of the profiles.

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Stop UV Damage

Although it’s lovely for the sun to flood into a room, UV rays can actually be hugely damaging to your furnishings, curtains and carpet. Sunlight can fade furniture, especially in brightly lit rooms and conservatories. Double glazing can limit the amount of damaging UV rays that can penetrate through and into your room.


Easy to maintain

Double glazing needs minimal maintenance to stay performing and looking to a high standard. The two panes of glass are well sealed to keep humidity and dust from creeping into the hard to reach spot. When you work with Glasshouse, our windows and doors feature high grade uPVC, aluminium and timber framework which is long lasting and low upkeep.

These windows and doors will not become compromised by adverse weather conditions and impacts. These profiles will not warp, bend or rot, maintaining their shape for many years to come.

Simply wipe the glazing down with a damp cloth and keep the moving parts lubricated to ensure smooth operation for many years to come.



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