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Wood Effect Windows Cowbridge

Wood effect windows are brilliant for traditional and modern homes alike in Cowbridge. Explore our full range of wood effect windows today!
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Explore Our Stunning Range of Wood Effect Windows

Our wood effect windows bring traditional class to your Cowbridge home. However, that doesn’t mean our designs are stuck in the past. Instead of wood, which can crack, twist and rot in old windows over time, our wood effect windows use durable uPVC frames. However, they come in an authentic woodgrain finish. 


That means you can’t tell the difference between these windows and the ones they’re based on. Because of this, you’ll blend old and new seamlessly. You’ll get a window with an authentic appeal, but that also performs brilliantly for your home. With uPVC, you’ll get brilliant insulation, and it’s weatherproof too. Because of this, your window will be a lasting design that doesn’t need regular maintenance. 


At Glasshouse, we’re proud of the wood effect windows we offer to homes in Cowbridge, Cardiff and the surrounding areas. With our designs, you won’t have to waste hours cleaning and checking the timber for cracks and rust. Instead, you’ll get a durable uPVC frame that lasts for decades, and that you only have to clean with a damp cloth.  


And that’s not all your new windows will offer. You’ll get double glazing in the design that creates a thermal barrier for your home, and our windows come with robust locking systems to keep intruders out. If you want a specific design, you could achieve it with Glasshouse too. All of our uPVC wood effect windows are fully customisable for your Cowbridge home. 

Features & Benefits

Energy Efficient

Our wood effect windows are a classic design, updated for the modern world. In no way is this more visible than in how your windows will deal with energy. Today, bills are on the rise, and saving energy can be crucial for making our homes more environmentally friendly. However, our wood effect windows use premium-grade uPVC and double glazing to upgrade your home's insulation. These designs can achieve u-values as low as 1.3W/m2k, meaning they'll lose almost no energy from your home. They won't only block out cold air, but they'll stop your home's natural warmth from escaping outside. As a result, investing in wood effect windows can help you save money on your energy bills for decades to come.

Contemporary Designs

You might think wood effect windows are still a dated design. However, designs like these are starting to come back into fashion. That's because our wood effect windows are sleek, streamlined and have a minimalistic design that blends seamlessly with modern homes. The windows sit flush within the frame, meaning there are no protruding elements in the design. Because of this, the shape of the window is sleek, the frames can be slimmer, and you'll get gorgeous views of the outside world from inside your Cowbridge home. And, with a wide range of customisable options available, you can give your new windows a splash of personality too.

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Wood Effect Windows for Cowbridge Heritage Homes

Our wood effect windows are brilliant for heritage homes in Cowbridge. If you’ve been looking to replace the old windows in a home like this, then our options could be the answer. That’s because our wood effect windows are more likely to be approved by planning authorities. Because of this, if you live in a listed building or a conservation area, you could replace your windows with these designs. 


Not only that, but our wood effect windows are faithful to traditional ones. They have elegant, clean lines that complement any home, and you can customise the finish to suit your living space. We also make sure our windows come with several modern features, such as double glazing, to make your home feel like new. 


Traditional Designs with Upgraded Security 

With wood effect windows, you can have a massive effect on the security of your Cowbridge home. That’s because, with robust uPVC frames and double glazing, these windows are highly secure options. We make sure all of our windows come with leading security hardware, helping you keep what matters most safe from burglars and intruders. 


For example, all of our windows come with an integrated multi-point locking mechanism. That means nobody will be able to separate the glass from the frame. Additionally, our wood effect windows are fully weatherproof. The uPVC frames protect the internal hardware of the window from rust and wear as a result, ensuring reliable security for decades to come.  


Clean Lines

With new wood effect windows, you can benefit from the latest materials and technology. With uPVC frames, we can make your window slimmer and sleeker, letting more light into your living space.

Bespoke Design

Our wood effect windows are fully customisable for your Cowbridge home. You can choose unique glazing, colours and hardware to make your new windows your own with ease.
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With a weatherproof design, you won't have to worry about draughts or cold spots again. Mould will be a thing of the past.

Profile Styles

You can choose from a range of profile styles to get the right look for your window, all while improving your home's performance.

Glazing Options

Your glazing doesn't have to be transparent. You could select decorative or obscured glazing from our range of options!
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Wood Effect Window Prices in Cowbridge and Surrounding Cardiff Areas

If our wood effect windows sound like what you need in your Cowbridge home, then get in touch with Glasshouse today! You could fill in our online contact form in a matter of minutes to get in touch with our team for a free, no-obligation quote.

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