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Aluminium Sliding Doors Cowbridge

Our slimline sliding doors provide a stunning, minimalist design for enhanced views of the outside.
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Aluminium Sliding Doors in Cowbridge

Here at Glasshouse LTD, our aim is to enhance the property of our customers. Our aluminium sliding doors offer a quality double-glazed design, combining a multi-wheeled rolling system and light aluminium to provide smooth, quiet and effective doors.

We use the design of Panoramic Doors – offering heat retention, security, and endurance qualities. They also benefit from an attractive and desirable appearance. Our sliding doors add to both the quality and aesthetic of buildings, creating beautiful and bright spaces.

What Are Sliding Doors?

Sliding doors are made of two or more large glass panels on a track. They open and close by one panel sliding past the other. This makes them very easy to use, allowing quick and easy access between areas.

The large area of the glass panels allows un-interrupted views through the doors. Unlike bifold doors, the frames do not recess fully. When opened, they provide a seamless and sophisticated opening between inside and outside space, making them perfect for entertaining.

Features & Benefits

High Security

The combination of exceptional quality aluminium, and a high security locking mechanism ensures these doors are safe and protect your home, as well as looking attractive.

Durability & Maintenance

Aluminium is corrosion resistant – it will not discolour or rust over time. This means the product maintains its attractive appearance, and is resistant to weathering. Cleaning this will only require a damp cloth, so no investment in fancy cleaning products is necessary.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Are you concerned about your impact on the environment? The thermal properties of this material allow great energy savings.

Thermally Efficient

Our aluminium doors contain a vinyl core, ensuring impressive thermal efficiency. This heat retention will reduce the need for central heating, benefitting both the environment and your wallet. These doors can also enhance heat loss in those hot summer months, to improve room temperature.

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Benefits of Aluminium Sliding Doors

This style allows you to maximise the size of the glass panel, and requires less frame compared to alternative door styles (such as bifold doors). This provides a greater, uninterrupted view of outside space. As aluminium is strong material, larger glass panels can be supported compared to when using other popular materials, such as timber. This quality again allows you to maximise the panel size used in your sliding doors.


Maximise Space

Sliding doors are also a great option if you are wanting to save space. As these doors operate without a hinge, they slide along a track as opposed to swinging open. This means they don’t take up space in the room. They also reflect light to give the impression of a larger room. For both these reasons, sliding doors may be a good option if you have limited space.


These doors are manufactured with mechanically fastened corners, which contributes to their long-standing lifespan. The expert block-frame door design means that only the existing window sash (and not the window frame) is removed when the product is installed. This prevents disturbance of the existing exterior and interior trims, and allows the product to be fitted quickly.


aluminium sliding doors

Tailored To Your Home

For those who want to maximise quantity of light and quality of view whilst doors are shut, sliding doors are an ideal design. The size of these doors also improves the ease of moving large objects and furniture.

There are a wide variety of design and glazing options ensuring the doors will match your home, whether it be a period or new-build property. We have over 200 colours to select from, and we can even custom match colours, so the doors work perfectly with your property.

For a wooden look, we also offer a woodgrain foil finish. This provides a wooden aesthetic, but the benefits of quality of aluminium as well.

There is also a large selection of handles and glass options, ensuring every aspect of the door is tailored to your preferences.

Aluminium Sliding Door Prices

For an estimation of price, visit our  online quoting engine. For any further questions, use our online contact form to get in touch.

If you have any questions about our aluminium sliding doors,  please get in touch with us via our online contact form. Our experts in Cowbridge will be happy to help you find the perfect new addition to your home.

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