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Double Glazing Bridgend

Our comprehensive double glazing installation service can update your Bridgend home with high quality, energy efficient products. Whether you need Bridgend’s Aluminium Windows, doors, porches or conservatories, our experienced team can help you achieve your desired effect. Your double glazed installations will provide significant improvement to your home’s security, thermal performance, and visual appeal. We only use the best materials and components when crafting these double glazing products, guaranteeing they will look good and perform well for many years to come. With our friendly, experienced team on hand to guide you through the process, you can be sure you’re getting the best installation for your home.


Features & Benefits

Customisation Options

Our team of expert installers will ensure that you get the perfect fit for your double glazing. We will take into account all of your desired customisation options, including external colours, hardware and glazing options, to ensure you get the exact look and feel you want for your home. We'll help guide you through the options and provide advice and guidance every step of the way, so you can be sure you're getting exactly what you desire.

Fast Turnaround

Our team provide a professional double glazing service from start to finish, dedicating their experience and knowledge to ensure that the installation process is hassle-free. We strive to be efficient and deliver results in fast turnaround times without compromising quality. Our double glazing specialists understand that the process can be disruptive so we do all we can to make it easier for you. We will work closely with you to ensure minimal disruption to your daily life and ensure that there is no mess left behind once the installation is completed.


The safety of homeowners in the Bridgend region is of utmost importance to us, which is why our windows and doors come with the most advanced security, locking and double-glazing systems on the market. Our products are designed to resist leverage points, preventing burglars from using them to gain entry. Furthermore, double-glazing adds a further layer of smart home security, protecting you and your family from unauthorized access. Our commitment to your peace of mind extends to the installation of our products, providing you with a safe and secure home.

Thermally Efficient

Our double glazing products are designed with sustainability and efficiency in mind, using only the highest quality materials to ensure your Bridgend property is thoroughly insulated, energy efficient and comfortable. You’ll be able to enjoy a reduction in energy costs, ultimately saving you time and money, without compromising on style and security. Not only that, but you’ll benefit from improved air quality, greater protection from outside noise, and improved safety and protection from weather damage. It’s an economically and environmental friendly solution that offers great long term value in the Bridgend area.

Double glazing prices Bridgend

Unrivalled Quality

Our double glazing entails a masterful combination of robust aluminium frames and high quality glass panes. Our esteemed Bridgend customers are thus guaranteed to obtain a durable and secure installation that is ready to withstand calamities such as destructive weather conditions and drastic temperature variations. From the harsh winter chill, to the searing heat of summer, our double glazing is designed to keeps homes at a comfortable temperature whatever the season.

The clever design of these innovative double glazing profiles allows for unmatched thermal efficiency, providing consistent warmth throughout the home in cold weather. These superior results are achieved thanks to their unique chamber construction which prevents air currents from disrupting the steady flow of warm air. This in turn creates coveted pockets of warm air which remain trapped within the framework, ensuring the entire residence keeps a comfortable temperature all winter long.

The CS68 is a highly advanced window and door double glazing system, providing superior thermal insulation and weatherproofing properties. It is equipped with an integrated system of multiple chambers, providing additional strength and stability, and preventing warm air from escaping your home. The double glazed design ensures outstanding levels of acoustic performance and increased energy efficiency, making it an ideal fit for modern buildings in the UK. Each profile has been intensively tested to ensure it passes all current Building Regulations, giving you the peace of mind that your home is protected from extreme weather conditions.

The weather gasket is designed to provide superior protection against the elements, with a flexible design that adapts to the corrosion-resistant aluminum frame and resists movement from wind, rain, and temperatures between -40*F to 248*F. This top of the line weather gasket offers superior protection from rain, ultraviolet rays, dust and debris so your property remains pristine for years to come. Additionally, the product is environmentally safe and requires minimal maintenance to ensure maximum performance.


Slim Profile

Thanks to aluminium’s natural durability and robustness, the SL38 profile does not need any bulk to ensure your home remains safe and secure without compromising on looks/

3 Styles

The SL38 profile is available in 3 attractive designs, ‘Classic’, ‘Ferro’ and ‘Cubic’. This means they can be adapted to modern, heritage or traditional properties.

Natural Light

Due to the slimline framework, these windows can be fitted with a generous glazing area that will allow more natural light to enter the room, creating a spacious feel throughout.

High Performance

The SL38 profile delivers a superior level of thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, air tightness, water tightness, wind resistance, fire resistance and burglar resistance.
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Double Strips

Double butt strips are placed in the window design to ensure you are totally protected against draughts and water ingress.

Opening Styles

This profile accommodates for both open-in and open-out window designs, enabling homeowners to get the perfect installation for your home.

Premium Materials

High quality aluminium is used across the CS68 range, ensuring it will deliver a market leading performance for many years to come.

High Performance

The CS68 profile offers high performance in thermal insulation, acoustic performance, air tightness, wind resistance and burglar resistance.
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SL38 Profile

CS 68 Profile

Double Glazing Prices Bridgend

Our helpful team are always on hand to answer any questions and offer professional advice so you know you’re getting the right double glazing solution for your Bridgend home. Plus, with our instant online quoting engine you can easily get a bespoke price tailored to your project and choose from a wide range of double glazing solutions in just a few clicks. Get started today and start bringing a touch of style to your home with our premium double glazing range. Alternatively, give our friendly team a call on 029 2023 3133 or use our online contact form and we will be happy to help you get the right double glazing for your home.

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