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Modernise Your Penarth Property With Our Double Glazing
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Double Glazing Penarth

Transform your Penarth property with our made to measure double glazing. We have a range of styles to choose from; we guarantee you will be able to find a design you love. Work with our team of skilled fitters to devise the best solution for your space using or selection of premium grade double glazing products. They will let in ample amounts of warmth and light.

We have everything to offer, from stunning aluminium windows to sliding doors and Penarth’s Flat Rooflights Completely enhance the overall performance of your space with our ultra-modern installations. Every component is carefully considered in our state of the art products to ensure they continue to provide market-leading results for decades. You won’t be disappointed in their quality.

Our double glazing is completely made to measure to ensure the most accurate fit for your Penarth property. Our professional team starts by taking accurate measurements of your space to install quality windows and doors designed to last. No task is too big or too small for our skilled team, who listen to your specifications and requirements at every step of the process.

Features & Benefits


The double glazing products we install are fully customisable, giving you the freedom to create solutions you could have only dreamed of. Work with our friendly team of designers to transform your Penarth home into one that is brighter and more inviting. Our products come with a range of interchangeable elements such as coloured profiles and hardware.

Quick Installation

We have years of combined experience in the home improvements industry, allowing us to install double glazing products quickly and efficiently. We leave no details behind in every Penarth project we carry out, making sure every component is carefully considered. We use premium grade materials in our double glazing products to guarantee unbeatable performance.

Maximum Security

Guarantee maximum levels of security for your Penarth home with our double glazing products. Made to measure, they will create a durable barrier between you and any unwanted intruders. Inside each of the innovative profiles, we place multi-point locking mechanisms that eliminate the possibility for weak spots or points of leverage.


The materials we use in our installations can be reused and recycled, making them a sustainable option for your Penarth property. We use aluminium in the majority of our products, a lightweight, hardwearing material that can be manipulated into any shape. As a result, our double glazed windows and doors will very rarely have to be repaired or replaced.

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Superior Performance

Choose our double glazing products in your Penarth property to experience superior levels of performance. Every component in our installations is considered, from the frame itself to the seals we use. This is to ensure you will never encounter any issues with our modern products that beat the competition when it comes to style, functionality and quality.

We use an innovative SL38 profile in our double glazing products to ensure maximum levels of thermal efficiency for your Penarth home. The frames we use contain thermally broken chambers that prevent excess heat loss from occurring. To keep you warmer for longer, small pockets of air are trapped within the profile, helping to heat your space more efficiently.

Save money in the long run with our market-leading products that promise to deliver nothing sort of excellence. Double glazing is the number one way to protect your Penarth home from the elements. Not only is this better for the environment, but it could also help to increase the market value of your property. Look at installing our products if you are hoping to sell.

Another profile we use in our installations is the CS68. This modern frame will significantly improve the weatherproofing of your Penarth home, thanks to the gaskets situated within the profiles. These innovative filtering systems eradicate excess rainwater from collecting in the frame, preventing any future problems concerning mould or damp around the structure.

All our products are made to measure to ensure the most accurate fit for your space. We guarantee you will love the final result, as we have spent decades honing our craft. Our expert team use a combination of modern materials and traditional techniques for the ultimate results. Install our double glazing products to see a positive change in your space.

The double glazing products we provide are fully customisable. Match your new feature to some of the existing aspects of your Penarth property to create a seamless connection between the two. Our installations are made completely bespoke to you as we work with your specifications at every part of the process. We offer a professional, attentive service.


Slim Profile

Due to aluminium’s inherent robustness and rigidity, the SL38 profile does not require any bulk to ensure your home remains safe and secure in a stylish and modern way.

3 Styles

The SL38 profile is available in 3 minimal designs, ‘Classic’, ‘Ferro’ and ‘Cubic’. This means they can be suited to modern or traditional homes alike, offering a feature that is sure to complement.

Natural Light

Due to the slim profile, these windows can be fitted with a generous glazing area that will allow more natural light to enter the room, creating a spacious feel throughout.

High Performance

The SL38 profile excels in thermal insulation, acoustic performance, air tightness, water tightness, wind resistance, fire resistance and burglar resistance.
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Double Strips

Double butt strips are installed into the window design to ensure you are fully protected against draughts and water ingress.

Opening Styles

This profile accommodates for both open-in and open-out window styles, allowing you to bring a new addition to your home that suits.

Premium Materials

High grade aluminium is utilised across the CS68 range, allowing it to uphold an impressive degree of structural integrity and performance.

High Performance

The CS68 profile offers high performance in thermal insulation, acoustic performance, air tightness, wind resistance and burglar resistance.
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SL38 Profile

CS 68 Profile

Double Glazing Prices Penarth

Enhance the overall performance of your Penarth property with our double glazing products. To get a free quote, please complete our online quoting engine.

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