Flat Rooflights Swansea

Flat Rooflights Swansea

A Subtle Addition with Maximum Impact
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Flat Rooflights, Swansea

Flat rooflights are a subtle home installation that can make a big impact in your Swansea home. They have a beautifully minimal look that helps flood your home with natural lighting. Our range of flat rooflights is designed to offer homeowners with an industry-leading performance. This is achieved by manufacturing the product with high quality materials and innovative techniques.

Our flat rooflights are made up of a large, glazed area with a slim, sleek profile that offers maximised sightlines. The design of this product is the perfect combination of function and form. You can enjoy superior levels of energy efficiency, performance, security, and durability without compromising on aesthetics.

Feel safe and secure in your home with these flat rooflights. These products are very versatile, which means they look fantastic in any style of property. Our teams have years of experience installing flat rooflights into homes around the Swansea area. This guarantees your installation fits perfectly and complements the aesthetics of your home.

Features & Benefits


You have total control over how these flat rooflights look. They are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. You have control over how they look, ensuring they perfectly fit into your Swansea property. Gone are the days of worrying about ill-fitted products.

Thermally Efficient

All our flat rooflights are manufactured to a high-quality level of heat retention. Enjoy a Swansea home that stays warm and comfortable in the cold winter months. This will also help minimise your central heating bills and lower your carbon footprint.

High Security

Our flat rooflights are crafted using the best materials possible on the market. This ensures they sustain structural integrity over time. This is combined with high security locking systems as standard, to ensure you have the upmost peace of mind.

Low Maintenance

Our flat rooflights don’t need extensive upkeep to stay looking as good as the day they are installed. Our rooflights won’t rust, rot, warp or stick with wear or age. This makes them a worthwhile investment for your Swansea home.

High Performance Flat Rooflights, Swansea

Due to the industry leading manufacturing techniques, all our flat rooflights meet an industry leading level of energy efficiency. They are built to keep the heat from your central heating inside of your Swansea property. Enjoy a cosy and warm home that stays that way, no matter how bad the weather gets outside.

This means you will use less central heating to warm up your home. This could help minimise our energy bills and can lower your carbon footprint. The thermally efficient features are paired with high-quality weather seals, which work to prevent draughts and water ingress. You have the peace of mind to know your home is comfortable all year round.

All the flat rooflights we install have a reinforced design, which combines a robust profile with high-performance multi-point locking mechanisms. These features are integrated into the frame, removing any leverage points. For further peace of mind, we install toughened glazing.

All our flat rooflights are perfectly tailored to perfectly suit your Swansea property. This means they look equally as attractive in modern and new builds as they are for traditional and heritage properties. All the styles of flat rooflights we offer have been tested to ensure they achieve the market-leading standards you expect from us.

We make a wide range of glazing styles and colour choices available to homeowners. You can choose finishes that perfectly suit your Swansea home or pick bright and bolds options that make an impact. All the colours we offer our customers are highly durable, meaning you won’t have to worry about scratches, fading or flaking.

You have the option to tailor the opening configuration of your rooflights, with electric or manual opening options available. This level of practicality means you’ll be adding a new addition to your home that offers market-leading functionality in a reliable way. We can also install our flat roofs with a kerb detail.


Understated Aesthetic

Ensure your new addition fits your home.

Made to Measure

Our experienced yet friendly team will work with you to ensure your rooflight perfectly fits your home, never compromising on quality.

Glazing Options

Get double glazing that perfectly suits the architecture of your home.
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Flat Rooflights Swansea

Versatile Installation

We can professionally install all of our high quality flat roofs into a wide range of property styles and sizes so you won’t have to miss out.

Premium Materials

Impressive performance and an extensive lifespan is guaranteed with the materials used in the manufacturing process.

Personal Touch

Bring a personal touch to your home with our range of customisation options available across our flat roof range.
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Flat Rooflight Prices, Porthcawl

Flat Rooflights Prices, Swansea

We offer highly competitive prices for flat rooflights, which can be easily accessed via our online quoting engine. Simply follow the easy-to-use step by step process to get a price that has been tailored to the exact specifications of your Swansea home. All our quotes are no obligation and offer immediate quotes.

You can also get in touch with us via our online contact form if you have any questions regarding our flat rooflights, double glazing products or prices. A member of our friendly team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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