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Roof Lanterns Carmarthen

Transform your Carmarthen property with a new energy efficient roof lantern with trusted installation experts.
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Roof Lanterns Carmarthen

At Glass House, we work diligently to ensure that you receive fast, reliable, and professional service. As aluminium and timber installation experts, you can expect a well-fitted roof lantern installation free from leaks or draughts. We only install top of the range products that come with all the latest fenestration industry innovations. That’s why our roof lantern options all have slim sightlines and powerful double glazing. 

A roof lantern is suitable for almost anywhere throughout a home, from a dining room to a living room or conservatory or orangery extension. No matter where you need it, our team are more than happy to help. We can cover a broad range of areas throughout the south of Wales, including Carmarthen, Cardiff, and areas in between and surrounding. 

We can provide a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours to help you create a seamless-looking addition to your home, or create a brand-new starting point for a whole home renovation. With Glass House, we can provide matching aluminium windows to go with our lanterns.

Features & Benefits

Slim Sightlines

The mainstay feature of our roof lanterns is their impressively slim sightlines. This means that the support beams and frames of the lantern are made sleeker than most, allowing for larger panes of double glazing. Your Carmarthen home can be absolutely flooded with natural light, letting you rely less on electricity during the day.

Powerful Double Glazing

A key feature of all our lanterns and roof lights is the powerful double glazed glass units. Their impressive thermal efficiency massively outperforms single glazing or polycarbonate extensions and light features. The twin panes trap heat, helping to improve the energy efficiency of your Carmarthen home. Even in the middle of Wales’ harsh winters, you can rely less on your heating systems and continue to stay cosy at a reduced price.

Durable Materials

Our lanterns are made from secure and highly durable materials such as aluminium, which can maintain its shape for years even after exposure to intensive weather conditions. Come rain, shine, sleet, or snow, your roof lantern will continue to be a gorgeous addition to your roof that can provide excellent views of the world outside.

Easy To Maintain

Due to how challenging it can be to reach a roof lantern, it’s essential that they are low maintenance. When you choose Glass House for your installation, you can expect a lantern roof that can stay looking as beautiful as the day of fitting with nothing more than the occasional spray or wipe with soapy water. The slim support beams and frames mean there’s less chance of dirt or grime building up inside nooks or crannies, leading to an easy cleaning experience.

White roof lantern above a modern living area in carmarthen

Long Lasting Installations

If you have a glass roof or feature that has single glazing or is made from polycarbonate plastics, then an upgrade to our modern double glazed roofs could make a massive improvement to your home’s energy efficiency. These days, as energy bills continue to rise, one of the best ways to reduce costs is to invest in the long-term capabilities of your home.

Not only can our roof lanterns be beautiful visually, but functionally, they’re capable of retaining a comfortable temperature in the heat or cold. Just like with double glazed windows, the double glazed panes of glass on the roof lantern can trap heat and sound alike, leading to fewer disturbances from weather, loud neighbours, or traffic.

To learn more about the specifications of our roof lanterns, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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Roof Lantern Prices In Carmarthen

Ready to enhance your Carmarthen home with a brand-new roof lantern? Start a free quote on our website or speak to an expert via our enquiry form. For more information and advice about your property’s next investment, call us at 029 20 233133. We look forward to hearing from you!


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