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Roof Lanterns Swansea

A roof lantern, sometimes referred to as a flat roof skylight or roof light, works the same way in which a window does and is set into a roof or ceiling to inject natural light into a room. Many architects and designers have utilised roof lanterns to transform a lifeless room or to make a focal point in a Swansea Bay property that the whole family can enjoy.

When looking for enhanced natural light, a roof lantern is the perfect choice. Unlike windows, they’re installed horizontally on flat and pitched roofs providing exceptional views whilst maintaining the property privacy. They’re particularly popular or extensions to add light from above rather than with traditionally fitted windows.

There are a number of benefits that adding flat roof skylights to your Swansea home can bring, including brilliant functions as well as beautiful aesthetics. You won’t have to compromise on function over style as our roof lanterns deliver both hand in hand. We only work with premium grade materials ensuring that you get a high quality product every time. We believe that all of our customers in The Mumbles, Oxwich, Rhossili, Swansea and the surrounding areas should be able to benefit from stunning roof lanterns at a budget friendly cost.

Roof lanterns are traditionally used as part of the structure of conservatories and orangeries but with the advancement of technology and the versatile nature of the roof lantern, they are now featured more commonly in modern design. Larger homes that have darker rooms in the centre of the property benefit greatly from roof lanterns as they provide natural illumination instead of having to rely on artificial lighting. They also suit a smaller property that wants the illusion of more space, which a roof lantern achieves perfectly.

Features & Benefits

Thermally Efficient

Our roof lanterns work hard to trap warm air inside your property, keeping your home warmer for longer. This in turn decreases energy costs and lowers your carbon footprint. They’re an eco-friendly solution for any Swansea homeowner.


Our roof lanterns are strong and robust with watertight seals that effectively keep water out. Capable of withstanding even the most adverse weather conditions, our roof lanterns are incredibly weatherproof.

Flexible in Design

You can design your roof lanterns to look exactly as you’d like them to in order to suit your property and the room you are installing them into. You can opt for different colours as well as glazing options.

Increased Light

The main reason a roof lantern is installed into a home is for the injection of natural light. A room can be completely transformed simply by having sunlight stream through, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Roof Lanterns

A Thermally Efficient Roof Lantern Solution for your Swansea Home

Adding a roof lantern to your Swansea home for increased light helps to lower your energy costs. With less of a need for artificial light and with the high performance seals keeping your home warmer for longer, your electricity and heating costs should decrease over time. This makes them an excellent choice, especially for those that are looking to contribute to a greener environment.

Roof lanterns are also able to maintain the privacy of your property, with the option to create a roof lantern that suits your home and is angled to keep prying eyes out. Because they are traditionally found on roofs and are slightly elevated, it’s difficult for people to see inside whilst allowing you to benefit from the extra light. You won’t need to worry about your roof lanterns being a vulnerable spot in your home as they are extremely secure and offer a robust profile.

Our roof lanterns provide you with a luxury product at an affordable and competitive price, so that all of our Swansea Bay customers can benefit from beautiful home improvement products. Adding a roof lantern to any home can completely transform the look and feel, creating an open plan, large space with a warm and inviting atmosphere. They are also a low maintenance solution with the option of self-cleaning glass to keep them looking pristine even after years of use.

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Roof Lantern Prices

You can use our clever online quoting engine to get a free and instant quote for your roof lantern needs. Simply input your requirements following the simple step by step process and you’ll receive a competitively priced quote just for you. There is absolutely no-obligation to buy and if you’d like to ask any questions about our roof lantern products you can get in touch with our expert team.

We have a large amount of experience in the home improvement industry, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with any queries you may have. We are happy to talk you through our roof lantern range or to recommend and advise on any of our home improvement projects. We look forward to hearing from you!



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