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Roof Lanterns Porthcawl

Injecting natural light into your home with a beautiful focal point and maintaining your privacy.
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Roof Lanterns Porthcawl

Architects and designers add roof lanterns to a property to inject natural light into an otherwise full and lifeless room. Most commonly used to add light into rooms in the middle of the home that don’t get as much light from windows as other rooms, the roof lantern has become a highly sought after home improvement solution that adds vibrance whilst maintaining the privacy of your home.

Creating the illusion of more space and created with large glazing areas and slim frames, the roof lantern creates a focal point in the home that draws the eye and can highlight specific elements of a room. A lot of designers add a roof lantern above a dining table, kitchen island or seating area to make the best use of the light and reduce the need for artificial lighting.

With various colour options and styles to choose from, your roof lantern can be created to seamlessly blend in with your property décor. They are innovatively designed to be visually appealing, enhancing the aesthetic and lifting the atmosphere of a room. They are also packed with high-tech functionality that brings a wealth of benefits to your Porthcawl property.

Made to measure so that they are the perfect fit for your home, your roof lantern will look part of the home as soon as it is installed. Utilising market-leading design they offer a minimalist look with a touch of elegance and style.

Features & Benefits

Tailor Made

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to supplying and fitting roof lanterns. We know that it’s important to achieve the perfect fit that is of a high quality leaving you completely satisfied. Your Porthcawl home will be given a new lease of light with the installation of a stunning roof lantern that will increase the natural light flow into your home and create a welcoming environment all the family can enjoy.

Increased Insulation

As soon as a roof lantern has been installed you will begin to reap the rewards of increased insulation. Keeping your home warmer for longer, they are intelligently designed to retain heat and help reduce your energy costs. Not only are they saving money on heating costs, but electricity costs too. This will in turn lower your carbon footprint, making them an eco-friendly choice to add to your Porthcawl home.

Secure Solution

The premium grade materials that our roof lanterns are created from provide a highly secure and protective solution for your Porthcawl home. With a robust profile and sturdy design, they can withstand even the most adverse of weather conditions including heavy rain, snow and gales. You’ll have peace of mind that your home is safe and secure, no matter the weather.

Low Maintenance

Due to the placement of a roof lantern they are difficult to reach which can become problematic for homeowners who are looking to reach them and clean them. That is why our roof lanterns are created with durability and low maintenance in mind. You won’t have to worry about them warping, rotting, cracking or discolouration over time meaning that they won’t cost time or money to upkeep.

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Why Choose a Roof Lantern for your Porthcawl Home?

Instead of adding windows to a room, a roof lantern makes a welcome alternative as they can be installed to various roof areas to inject natural light and maintain your privacy. They are incredibly flexible, featuring technology that can be personalised to suit the structure of your Porthcawl home to make sure you get your preferred angle and positioning.

Created with water tight seals they are weatherproofed in order to keep your home warm as well as dry. They are able to withstand weather conditions and have been tested in order to carry the weight of snowfall. A roof lantern adds a touch of luxury to your Porthcawl property that the entire neighbourhood will be in awe of.

Selecting a roof lantern that suits your home couldn’t be easier with a style to perfectly fit old or newer properties. You can create a focal point in your home that the whole family will enjoy giving particular rooms of a house a new lease of life and illusion of more space and airiness.

Roof Lanterns

Roof Lantern Prices Porthcawl


You can get an accurate and no-obligation quote using our online quoting engine. Simply follow the step by step process and input your roof lantern requirements and specifications.

We can answer any questions or queries that you may have about our roof lantern products or installation process. Simply get in touch via our online contact form in order to speak to a member of our friendly and helpful team. We can talk you through our entire range and discuss any personalisation options you have available.

We want all of our Porthcawl customers to enjoy their home improvement project which is why we endeavour to make it a smooth and hassle-free process.


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