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Enhance your Swansea home with gorgeous natural light with our lantern roofs.
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Lantern Roofs Swansea

Lantern roofs can improve your Swansea home by flooding it with natural light while providing excellent thermal efficiency and security features. These innovative designs can be installed in a wide range of areas, including conservatories, orangeries, and almost any property within a kitchen, living area, and more. 

At Glass House, the lantern roofs we install are highly customisable, with a wide range of colours and glazing options available. We make it easy to tailor your lantern roof to suit your home. While many of our designs are minimalist with slim sightlines, the customisation capabilities allow our lantern roofs to be suitable for modern or classic homes. 

Discover more about our range of lantern roofs below, or get a quote today with our free quoting engine.

Features & Benefits

Bespoke Fit

Our expert team will work with you to ensure your lantern roof is the perfect fit for your property. This means that not only will your new roof be a beautiful addition to your home, it will perform to the highest standards too. It's never been easier to enhance your home.

Thermally Efficient

Combining a thermally efficient profile with high performance glazing, all of our lantern roofs are able to offer an outstanding degree of thermal efficiency. They stand as a stylish way to secure a home that gets warmer and stays warmer for a longer period of time throughout the year.

High Security

Inherently robust and intelligently designed with security in mind, all of our roofs offer outstanding structural integrity. This means they can withstand even the most intense attack from any would-be intruder, offering a home improvement solution that keeps you safe.

Low Maintenance

As lantern roofs are often installed into hard to reach places, it is important for them to offer a low degree of maintenance. This means they won’t rot, warp, crack, rust or discolour over time, even after extended exposure to the elements. Enjoy quality that lasts, today.

white lantern roofs in a swansea home

Bespoke Lantern Roof Design

Our lantern roofs utilise the best in modern materials and technology to provide incredible performance. From thermally efficient glazing and profiles to slim sightlines and a wide range of colour options, each of our lantern roofs is made to keep homes warm, safe, and comfortable.

The sturdy profiles can resist warping or bending, allowing our lantern roofs to keep excellent weather seals and trap heat without any risk of leaks or cold draughts sneaking in. You can enjoy the sunny summer months with gorgeous natural light without any fear of winter weather creeping up on you. 

Thanks to the excellent fitting and high quality materials, our lantern roofs are sure to provide an exceptional lifespan. They can be an excellent investment to increase the value of your Swansea home while also providing function, form, and security.

Our team of expert installers will work directly with you to ensure that your lantern roof is the perfect fit for your Swansea property. We’re dedicated to providing lantern roofs that don’t just look beautiful but also offer excellent modern performance and efficiency.

We have plenty of lantern roofs available in all sorts of styles, so no matter what look you’re going for, we can help. One of the key customisation features that we can offer you is our range of glazing styles, including tinted, coloured, toughened, solar, and self cleaning glass. Additionally, our lantern roofs can also come in a variety of colours to perfectly complement your existing windows and doors. 

All our colours are designed to be robust and resist fading or scratching. Even after long exposure to harsh Swansea weather conditions, they can continue to look their best with only minimal maintenance.


Finishing Options

Choose from a range of finishing options to bring a personal flair to your lantern roof, allowing them to seamlessly complement your home.

Glazing Styles

Tailor your lantern roofs to your preferences with our range of glazing styles, specialising in different functions and forms.

Premium Materials

Enjoy market-leading standards of quality with the premium materials used in our lantern roof design, offering an impressive lifespan.
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Glass house lantern roofs Newport

Slim Sightlines

The slim, contemporary profile allows for an increase glazing area. This means natural light will flood into any room in which they are installed.

Made to Fit

We’ll work with you to ensure your lantern roofs are made to your exact specifications, allowing you to benefit from the perfect fit.

Colour Choice

We offer a selection of colours to complete the perfect lantern roof aesthetic, all of which uphold their richness and fullness over many years.
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black roof lanterns in a newport dining area

Lantern Roof Prices Swansea

Use our free online quoting engine today to get an accurate price for any of our lantern roofs and enhance your Swansea home. It can get you a uniquely tailored quote for your specifications. Get in touch with us via our online contact form, or call us directly at +44 (0)29 20 233133 to speak with one of our professionals. 

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