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Aluminium Windows Porthcawl

Aluminium windows are an innovative home improvement solution for properties in the Porthcawl area. Our windows enhance the classic design by using modern manufacturing techniques and premium materials. Our aluminium windows combine form and function to deliver a product that transforms the look and feel of your home.

All our aluminium windows offer a contemporary, slim and elegant appearance that can be tailored by our skilled team to suit any type of Porthcawl home. You’ll be able to bring an innovative design to your home, no matter if it is contemporary, a new build heritage or period. There is no reason for any homeowner to not be able to benefit from our aluminium windows.

To ensure we deliver the market-leading standards you expect from a company like us, we use the best aluminium windows design from market leaders Reynaers. Benefit from superior levels of thermal efficiency, durability, security, aesthetics, and functionality for your Porthcawl home.

Features & Benefits

A Range of Styles

We offer a broad selection of styles of aluminium windows to suit your tastes, requirements and style of any home. This also allows you to enjoy a range of functionality options. Your new windows will perfectly fit the needs of you and your family.

Low Maintenance

Unlike traditional timber windows, our aluminium windows maintain their industry leading performance and looks with very little upkeep required. All they need is a quick wipe down with a damp cloth to ensure they stay looking as good as the day they were installed.

High Security

Featuring high grade aluminium and innovative multi-point locking systems, all of our aluminium windows achieve a fantastic level of security. It’s never been easier to enjoy total peace of mind without compromising on the aesthetics of your Porthcawl home.

Thermally Efficient

The thermally broken and polyamide stripped aluminium profile will help these windows improve the heat retention of your home. Your central heating will perform better, and your home will be comfortable all year round. You could even save on your bills!

Market-Leading Aluminium Windows Design

50 years of innovation, advanced manufacturing techniques and refined design have resulted in high performance aluminium windows. These profiles have been built with the homeowner in mind, offering a high degree of excellence. Enjoy a stylish and contemporary solution for enjoying a safer, warmer, and more comfortable home all year round.

The SL38 profile is a highly insulating system that suits inwards and outwards opening windows alike. The slimline appearance characteristic to the design of this profile has been specially designed to replicate the authentic design of steel windows whilst delivering all the modern benefits homeowners expect.

Our aluminium windows can be installed with either high quality double or triple glazing options, allowing you to install exactly the right product for your requirements. This window installation offers an impressive level of versatility, so we can accommodate your needs and custom design our windows to you.

The CS68 is a high performance, triple chamber aluminium profile that is crafted using innovative manufacturing techniques. This offers superior levels of thermal insulation and market leading security. This means that your Porthcawl home will be totally protected from adverse weather conditions and intruders alike.

This windows system can be skillfully customised to match a variety of Porthcawl properties, including traditional, heritage, modern or new builds. These aluminium windows are ideal for bringing a modern touch to any property, offering all the benefits homeowners expect from contemporary materials and innovative designs.

The CS68 profile can be decorated with a broad selection of durable colours and finishes, allowing you to match your perfect aesthetic with ease. We also include a dual colour option, which allows you to decorate the interior and exterior of your home in different shades.


Slim Profile

Due to aluminium’s natural robustness and rigidity, the SL38 profile does not require any bulk to keep your home safe and secure without compromising on looks and style.

3 Styles

The SL38 profile is available in 3 modern designs, ‘Classic’, ‘Ferro’ and ‘Cubic’. This means they can be suited to contemporary or traditional homes alike, offering many complementary features.

Natural Light

Due to the slimline profile, these windows can be fitted with a generous glazed area that will allow more natural light to flood the room, creating a spacious atmosphere throughout.

High Performance

The SL38 profile offers superior levels of thermal insulation, air tightness, acoustic insulation, water tightness, wind resistance, fire and intruder resistance.
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Double Strips

Double butt strips are installed into the window to ensure you and our home are fully protected against draughts and water ingress.

Opening Styles

This profile is suited for both open-in and open-out window styles, allowing you to bring a cohesive new addition to your home.

Premium Materials

Premium grade aluminium is used across the CS68 range, allowing it to uphold an outstanding level of structural integrity and performance.

High Performance

The CS68 profile offers improved levels of thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, air tightness, wind protection and burglar resistance.
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SL38 Profile

CS 68 Profile

Aluminium Windows Prices Porthcawl

Use our innovative online quoting engine today to get an instant and highly competitive quote on our aluminium windows for your Porthcawl home at no cost! Simply follow the user friendly step by step system to receive a price that has been completely tailored to the specifications of your Porthcawl property. We make it hassle free for you to enjoy market-leading standards no matter your budget.

You can also get in touch with our team by using our online contact form if you have any queries regarding our aluminium windows, colours, styles, prices or any of our other services. Our experienced team aim to deliver a prompt, reliable and professional customer service. We have been refining our customer service for years, ensuring you get exactly the right home improvement for your home.


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