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Aluminium Windows Vale Of Glamorgan

Modernise your Vale Of Glamorgan property with our aluminium windows
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Aluminium Window Prices Vale Of Glamorgan

Enhance the look and feel of your Vale Of Glamorgan home with our customisable aluminium windows. Available in a number of classic designs, our made to measure aluminium windows are the ideal way to improve the thermal efficiency of your Vale Of Glamorgan property. It’s never been simpler to transform your space into a quiet sanctuary for you to relax in.

A sustainable option compared to traditional uPVC, aluminium windows combine performance and aesthetics for maximum results. Expertly crafted to your specifications, we create bespoke installations to suit the style of your property. Our friendly team of professionals have years of experience in the industry, catering to your needs at every step of the process.

Enjoy the premium standard of our installations in your Vale Of Glamorgan home, all for a competitive price. We pride ourselves on our superb standards, never neglecting even the smallest details in our aluminium windows. Our products combine the highest quality materials with the latest technology to improve the performance of your space. We deliver outstanding results.

Features & Benefits


To suit your home in Vale Of Glamorgan, all our aluminium windows are customisable. From the window profiles to the metallic hardware, choose how you would like your new feature to look. We put the creative freedom in your hands, allowing you to create the perfect installation for your property. The high quality pigments we use in our profiles will never fade in direct sunlight.

Low Maintenance

You can forget about time consuming aftercare with our low maintenance aluminium windows. They maintain their shape in extreme weather conditions, never cracking or warping in the heat or the cold. As a result, they will very rarely need to be repaired or replacing, bringing you years of superior quality. The market-leading materials in our aluminium windows are what makes them so unique.

Highly Secure

To guarantee the safety of Vale Of Glamorgan homeowners, we integrate the latest locking systems within our aluminium windows. Consequently, our products contain no weak spots or points of leverage to make sure you feel protected. Deter unwanted intruders in your property with our modern installations designed to be completely impact-proof. Feel safe with our products.


Made of mostly recyclable parts, our aluminium windows are a far more sustainable option compared to traditional uPVC or timber. Unlike woodgrain finishes, our aluminium profiles never absorb water, allowing them to keep their shape for decades. If you are looking to make more sustainable choices in your Vale Of Glamorgan home, choose our greener products.

aluminium window prices vale of glamorgan

Market-Leading Aluminium Windows

With years of experience in the home improvements industry, we are able to offer our customers market-leading aluminium windows at affordable prices. We use innovative SL38 profiles with our windows, a highly secure, insulating system. Our clever profiles regulate the temperature of your space with ease, ensuring you are always comfortable.

Despite the systems we use within our aluminium window frames, they are still incredibly slim. We never compromise on design to ensure you can benefit from slim sightlines and extended views from your home. Instantly flood your property with increased warmth and light with our stunning installations that will make your environment more inviting.

The aluminium windows we supply comes as either double or triple glazing as standard to guarantee the best thermal efficiency for your home. As a result of our innovative installations, you will have to rely less on your central heating for warmth, potentially saving you money on your bills in the long run. This makes them a great sustainable alternative to other window designs.

In addition, we also use a CS68 profile within our aluminium windows. This clever three-chamber filtering system is what makes our products so incredibly weatherproof. It offers great insulation properties as well as enhanced security. As a result, you and your family will be protected in any weather condition. We eliminate the possibility of cold draughts.

The filtering systems within our aluminium windows prevents excessive rainwater from sitting within the main frame. As a result, your windows will never become clogged with water or debris but instead will remain clear for effective filtering. Underperforming installations will often result in condensation build-up and mildew. Eliminate this possibility with our products.

As well as being incredibly weatherproof, our aluminium windows are soundproof too. The insulated frames help block loud sounds, preventing noise pollution from making its way into your home. If you live by a busy main road, our products are a great way to dull the sound of oncoming traffic. Create a peaceful environment for you to relax in with our bespoke installations.


Slim Profile

Due to aluminium’s inherent robustness and rigidity, the SL38 profile does not require any bulk to ensure your home remains safe and secure in a stylish and modern way.

3 Styles

The SL38 profile is available in 3 minimal designs, ‘Classic’, ‘Ferro’ and ‘Cubic’. This means they can be suited to modern or traditional homes alike, offering a feature that is sure to complement.

Natural Light

Due to the slim profile, these windows can be fitted with a generous glazing area that will allow more natural light to enter the room, creating a spacious feel throughout.

High Performance

The SL38 profile excels in thermal insulation, acoustic performance, air tightness, water tightness, wind resistance, fire resistance and burglar resistance.
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aluminium window profiles vale of glamorgan

Double Strips

Double butt strips are installed into the window design to ensure you are fully protected against draughts and water ingress.

Opening Styles

This profile accommodates for both open-in and open-out window styles, allowing you to bring a new addition to your home that suits.

Premium Materials

High grade aluminium is utilised across the CS68 range, allowing it to uphold an impressive degree of structural integrity and performance.

High Performance

The CS68 profile offers high performance in thermal insulation, acoustic performance, air tightness, wind resistance and burglar resistance.
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SL38 Profile

CS 68 Profile

Aluminium Windows Prices Vale Of Glamorgan

Improve the performance of your Vale Of Glamorgan home with our aluminium windows. To receive a bespoke quote, fill out our online quoting engine.

If you have any further questions regarding our products, please complete our online contact form. Alternatively, give us a ring on 029 2023 3133.

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