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Wooden Doors Cowbridge

Your doors are what greet your visitors when they come to your Cowbridge home. They are the first thing they see when they enter and that is the all-important first-impression they get of you and your property. These doors are also responsible for keeping your home safe, keeping intruders out year after year.

At Glasshouse, we understand the importance of both functions, which is why we offer exquisite-looking wooden doors that also give you impeccable performance. These intelligently-crafted doors give you the wow factor for your home, with a range so wide that you are sure to find the perfect door for your home.

Even with the vast selection we offer, you can tailor your timber door to suit your Cowbridge home in style and aesthetics. We give you a stunning selection of colours you can choose from, glazing styles, and hardware options, so your doors look exactly the way you want them. You can even customise the opening configurations for styles like the wooden bi-fold doors, timber patio doors, timber French doors, and even stable doors.

With our selection, you can find the ideal wooden front doors, composite doors, internal and external wooden doors, bespoke timber doors, and more for your Cowbridge home.

Features & Benefits

Resilient Doors

Since your doors need to protect your home as much as they need to look good, we only give your wooden doors that are durable and sturdy. These doors will resist physical force as well as the ravages of the weather to give you a secure and beautiful home at all times. Our premium timber doors help keep your home looking its best at all times.

Complete Protection

Our robust wooden doors don't just rely on strength to keep you and your family safe. They also come with modern locking systems designed to keep your home sealed against unwanted visitors. Both the doors and locks are tested for performance and strength. The result is beautiful wooden doors that help you sleep peacefully every night.

Finest Quality

Part of the reason why our timber doors give you such exceptional performance is that we only craft them from the finest materials. Our wooden doors are made of remarkably strong wood so that your home gets the best possible home improvement solution at the best possible price, making it a fabulous investment that will last you years.

Heat Efficient

In addition to keeping your home safe from intruders and the weather, our wooden doors also keep you protected from the cold. We give you superbly insulated doors that trap the heat within to give you a warm and draught-free property. With these timber doors, you can live in comfort in spite of the weather outside, with lower heating bills.

Timber Doors, Cowbridge

A Stunning Selection of Wooden Door Styles

At Glasshouse, we offer a spectacular selection of wooden door designs and styles for homeowners in Cowbridge as well as the neighbouring areas. Whether you need a wooden front door or timber bi-fold doors, you will get it all with us.

If you want a quirky, rustic detail, we have a range of gorgeous wooden stable doors. These give you a split sash design which enables you to open the top and bottom halves of the door independently of each other. Ideal for homes with children and pets, you can control the access as well as the light and ventilation in your home.

With our wooden patio doors, you get a spectacular door that gives you an excellent view while saving you space. Our timber French doors also give you spectacular views of your outdoors while adding a European flair to your home.

With our wooden bi-fold doors, you can even replace an entire wall with these gorgeous doors. Seamlessly bring together your spaces by simply folding the door away so that the sashes stack away neatly on one side. You save space and give your home a stunning design feature.

Each of these doors can be tailored to the colour, glazing, and even finish of your choice. We will be glad to help you tailor your timber door to suit your Cowbridge property perfectly.

Get the right timber door design for your property’s architecture as well as the features you need. Whatever it is you need in your wooden doors, we will help you get it!

Timber Doors in Cowbridge


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Wooden Door Prices in Cowbridge

With our online quoting engine, you can get an instant wooden door quote for your home improvement needs in Cowbridge. Simply follow the prompts and let the clever tool know what you need, and it will use the information you provide to generate your custom wooden door prices.

You can also contact us with your questions and enquiries. Just fill up the online contact form and we will help you with recommendations and ideas to make your Cowbridge home look and perform its best. With our competitive timber door prices, you will be able to improve your home within your budget while also getting impeccable performance.

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