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Wooden Windows Cowbridge

Windows perform an important role in the way your home looks and functions. The style and design can make or break the aesthetics of your property, but the performance of the window can also affect the security and warmth of the house. We at Glasshouse understand the importance of windows, which is why we offer premium wooden windows in a choice of designs, styles, and finishes. These elegant timber windows will imbue your property with the sense of luxury that your Cowbridge home deserves.

We offer a spectrum of gorgeous wooden window styles so you can choose the perfect look for your home. Our timber casement windows give you a classic style for evergreen appeal. Our wooden French windows give you a continental air. You can also opt for wooden tilt and turn windows for a modern design with a traditional twist.

Finally, our timber bow and bay windows add a dramatic design feature to your home whilst also improving the illumination and ventilation. Whichever style you choose, we offer a splendid set of options for bespoke styling, so your windows can reflect your personality and taste. Most importantly, you get the right wooden windows so that they blend seamlessly with your Cowbridge property and add to its charm.

Our selection of windows helps you find the perfect solution for your home, be it modern or traditional. With our experience, we can also help you make the right timber window choice. With our exquisite selection, you can be sure that your windows will give you stunning style and even better performance for many years to come.

With our range of contemporary timber windows, you can get a warmer home that is flooded with natural light and fresh air. We also give you quality glazing so your rooms are always a comfortable temperature, no matter what the time of the year. When you consider the fantastic features these windows provide along with their beautiful looks, you will realise that our timber windows can easily change the face of your Cowbridge home for the better!

Features & Benefits

Secure Windows

We offer wooden windows that come with advanced locking systems built in to them to keep your Cowbridge home safe from intruders. This way, you can always rest easy in the knowledge that your family and possessions are protected. We know that you value your security, which is why we make it our first priority.


Our modern timber windows help make your property more thermally efficient, which in turn helps you keep your heating bills down. These windows insulate your home so well that your rooms stay warm even in the coldest winter. You can relax in a warm home with a low carbon footprint, making these windows the sustainable choice.

Easy Care

With our state-of-the-art timber windows, you get effortless style and good looks. These windows are engineered to give you frames that don't lose their colour, or rot and warp. Unlike old-fashioned wooden windows, you get a durable product that requires very little of your time and energy to always look spectacular.

Custom Look

Your windows need to look a part of your Cowbridge property, which is why it is so important to choose the right design, style, colour, and finish. Our collection of wooden windows is designed to give you that choice. We will also help you with advice and suggestions so that your windows blend in seamlessly with your home.

Timber Windows, Cowbridge

Wooden Window Designs Tailored for Your Cowbridge Home

With our wooden windows, you will always have that sense of luxurious style and everlasting beauty. We give you state-of-the-art timber windows that have none of the problems of older windows. These windows are not affected by moisture, which may lead to warping, rotting, or decaying in older wooden windows. Our engineered wooden windows are cleverly designed and crafted so that they give you years of durable performance even with year after year of wet and cold weather.

We ensure that our wooden windows are stringently tested so that they exceed the highest standards as well as your expectations. Our gorgeous windows are individually hand-finished so that you get consistent perfection, regardless of style. Even our glazing and window furniture is assessed for long-term functionality in addition to a beautifully clean finish. With our timber windows, you never have to worry about your investment failing you.

Wooden Window Prices, Cowbridge


Timber Windows
Complete Guide

Wooden Windows Prices Cowbridge

In spite of the premium looks and exquisite finish, our wooden window prices are highly competitive, giving you fantastic value for money. You can get a quick estimate by using our online quoting engine. This clever little tool will give you instant timber window quotes tailored according to your needs and specifications.

We will also be happy to hear from you if you have any questions. Get in touch with us and someone from our helpful team will give you all the information and advice you need. We will also explain our complete range of wooden windows, so your home can get the right product.

With Glasshouse, you will be able to give your Cowbridge home the makeover it needs efficiently and at the right price.

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