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Double Glazing Swansea

Enhance the look and feel of your Swansea property with our modern double glazing products. From beautiful aluminium windows to bifold doors, we have all the tools you need to transform your space. Make your Swansea home more inviting with our state of the art installations that will instantly create the feeling of more room. They create a bright and inviting atmosphere.

Double glazing is the number one way to improve the overall performance of your property. The premium grade materials we use help trap pockets of warm air, keeping your space at an optimum temperature for longer. Our ultra-modern products are simple to install, providing you with years of market-leading results. We promise you won’t be disappointed with our products.

Between our skilled team, we have years of experience in the home improvements industry, transforming spaces for an affordable price. We aim to complete every job quickly whilst never compromising on quality, style and functionality. Every component in our installations is carefully considered to ensure they perform to the highest standards. See the results for yourself.

Features & Benefits


To suit the exact dimensions and style of your space, our double glazing products are made bespoke to your specifications. As a result, we can guarantee they will be the most accurate fit as we take precise measurements of your Swansea home before starting our work. Our expert team work with your specifications and requirements in mind to create the ideal solutions for you.


The double glazing products we install are incredibly weatherproof, creating a durable barrier for your Swindon home. Resistant against even the harshest elements, our premium double glazing will never let in excess rainwater or draughts. Consequently, your property will be protected against unpleasant mould or damp problems as our clever profiles use innovative filtering systems.


Have complete peace of mind with our installations that are highly secure. Protect your Swindon home against unwanted intruders with our bespoke double glazing products. Inside each of the modern profiles, we use the latest multi-point locking mechanisms that mean there are no weak spots at any point along the frame. This means our products can’t be tampered with.

Thermally Efficient

Our double glazing will dramatically improve the thermal efficiency of your home. We use super-insulated profiles in all our installations to ensure excess heat loss doesn’t occur. Instead, pockets of warm air are trapped within the frame, keeping your space at a comfortable temperature for longer. You will have to rely less on your central heating over time, saving you money in the long run.

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Premium Grade Materials

Ensure the best levels of performance for your Swansea property with our quality double glazing products. We use a SL38 profile in our installations to ensure the highest thermal efficiency for your space. Our insulated products use thermally broken chambers to prevent warm air from escaping easily. As a result, you will be able to heat your home more efficiently.

Our cost-effective products are a simple way to enhance your home. Easy to install and lasting for decades, they are the ideal way to improve the market value of your Swansea home. Because our double glazing boasts incredibly low U-values, the energy ratings of your property will improve by default. This is better for the environment and attractive to prospective buyers.

Our double glazing products are the sustainable way to transform your home. We use materials that can be used and recycled, such as aluminium, to reduce our impact on the environment. They are a great alternative to traditional materials like uPVC. Make a greener choice in your Swansea property with our double glazing that will rarely need to be repaired or replaced.



Another profile we use in our double glazing installations in the CS68. This frame will significantly improve the weatherproofing of your space as it contains modern weather gaskets that prevent excess rainwater from becoming clogged within the structure. This water is completely filtered away from the frame, ensuring no damage is caused to the surrounding components.

Our double glazing products are completely customisable, giving you the freedom to create anything you desire. We are therefore able to bring your visions to life, transforming your home into one that not only looks great but performs well too. Choose from our vast array of stunning coloured coatings to add the finishing touches to your installation, it’s that easy.

The coloured coatings we use in our double glazing products will never fade or discolour in direct sunlight. This is because the coatings are made from the highest quality finely milled pigments that will not tarnish over time. Keep up appearances with our modern products that exceed all aspects of style and functionality. Switch to start seeing results.


Slim Profile

Due to aluminium’s inherent robustness and rigidity, the SL38 profile does not require any bulk to ensure your home remains safe and secure in a stylish and modern way.

3 Styles

The SL38 profile is available in 3 minimal designs, ‘Classic’, ‘Ferro’ and ‘Cubic’. This means they can be suited to modern or traditional homes alike, offering a feature that is sure to complement.

Natural Light

Due to the slim profile, these windows can be fitted with a generous glazing area that will allow more natural light to enter the room, creating a spacious feel throughout.

High Performance

The SL38 profile excels in thermal insulation, acoustic performance, air tightness, water tightness, wind resistance, fire resistance and burglar resistance.
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Double Strips

Double butt strips are installed into the window design to ensure you are fully protected against draughts and water ingress.

Opening Styles

This profile accommodates for both open-in and open-out window styles, allowing you to bring a new addition to your home that suits.

Premium Materials

High grade aluminium is utilised across the CS68 range, allowing it to uphold an impressive degree of structural integrity and performance.

High Performance

The CS68 profile offers high performance in thermal insulation, acoustic performance, air tightness, wind resistance and burglar resistance.
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SL38 Profile

CS 68 Profile

Double Glazing Prices Swansea

We also offer the most affordable and premium Flat Rooflights, Bespoke Windows, Aluminium Windows in Swansea, etc. Flood your Swansea property with increased warmth and light with our double glazing products. To get a free, no-obligation quote, simply complete our online quoting engine.

Fill out our online contact form if you have any further questions regarding our products. Alternatively, give our team a call on 029 2023 3133.

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